Who the heck is Kim ?

Hey ! So you want to know who Kim is ? .... Maybe not.... you might just of landed here by accident... or you may of found me via social media and were curious to learn more... Ok enough rambling... I'm not great with talking about myself... so i'll try and make this short and sweet. (IF it isn't short and sweet and you ever meet me in person... just say 'You owe me a glass of wine' 🙂

WARNING: if proper grammar is your jam, you might want to press that little corner x in the top right hand corner. Don't say I didn't warn you. Your welcome 🙂 ......

I'm Kim Spurrell (Sturk) . I've always been a free- spirit who never followed directions very well, as I wanted to create something on my own and figure it out on my terms. ( Let's just say that never always worked in my favour ) Since I can remember I always wanted to be my own boss and a business owner.As I wanted to have freedom of my schedule and be creative.

I hadn't a clue how I was going to become my own boss, but that was a dream of mine.....

So fast forward .... I decided nursing school was right for me ... as everyone else was getting a degree or trade. (What the heck was I thinking ?? How was I going to be my own boss or be creative as a nurse ? lol ... ( see I told you I never followed directions well . Anyhow fast-forward 16 years post graduation from nursing. I realized I was getting up every morning dreading going to work... anxiety was a biggie. I'd be scared of what others thought, no confidence. The constant bickering and drama between co-workers , it felt awful. I felt like I was dying inside.

As of course in nursing you can't be a free-spirit. You follow protocols, guidelines, obviously as you're dealing with the public and peoples lives.I mean once I would get to work the anxiety would go away and what has kept me working as a nurse for the past 16 or more years is the feeling you get when you are truly helping someone get better.Finding a solution with other health care professionals that will help them reach their health goals.BUT I just couldn't continue working for someone else....

But I knew I had to find a way to become my own boss and have time freedom one way or another. As I couldn't continue to work long hours, weekends, overtime, not being able to take holidays when you'd like as if you didn't have a lot of seniority it would be denied. Missing holidays and so much time with family and friends. I just couldn't continue to do that until retirement.

Along with the above... I always struggled with self-worth , bouts of clinical depression and use of other harmful coping methods such as a full blown eating disorder.(Bulimia) from age 13 - 25-26 years of age ( I say that lightly , as I believe its a lifelong journey of struggles that you deal with daily or thoughts that never seem to go away.

Fast-forward into my early 30ties one night completely changed my life ever. A big bang of waking up to what felt like the worst nightmare of my life. A numbness and pain in my heart that I've never felt before nor want to feel again with shock along with trying to comprehend that there was also no roof over my head , significant other at that time no longer here with me and questioning if I would have to file bankruptcy... along with a million other thoughts going through my head thinking of just giving up myself. (The above is a super short version of what one day I might be abe to share more of. )

So during this time I learnt self-help and tonnes of personal development courses, books and podcasts are what has helped me heal along the way. As well as diving into spirituality.

This is also where I feel my hobby of sharing all that I have learnt along the way has grown into a passion to help other women dealing with similar issues is where my heart is. Whether it is with health, confidence, overcoming certain hurtles in life becoming more independent. That is where my passion lies.

So fast-forward to where that passion I've taken online to share what has worked for me either physically , mentally and the continued journey and struggles of life.

This is where the puzzle piece and dream of being my own boss and continuing my passion of guiding others with tools I've used to either go down the road of health and wellness with/or without the business aspect.

How will this website help me ?

If you are someone who just wants to look for more info on tips and ideas to try and become a better version of yourself. Because lets face it you already are a unique, amazing human-being. ( But you say , you don't even know me ? That's a load of garbage.... ) Well guess what you are a unique being. There isn't one person like you in this world. Amazing ? you betcha. As I have no doubt you have done good in your lifetime and have impacted someone else's life in a good way. You will find blog posts anything from personal development , tips and ideas on how to become a healthier you mind , body and spirit.

Another passion of mine has been ways to build a side income, or a plan B. As part of my life goals and what continues to make me happy= personal freedom. So i'll also show you behind the scenes of how to build a side income online in pockets of time.

10 Fun Facts :

  • 1. No Kiddos just 2 dogs as our children 🙂 lab/border collie mix and one border collie ( he cra-cra )
  • 2. Adopted at birth by an amazing couple who are the best parents ever. But also found my birth sister, niece and birth Mom and some Aunts and Uncles at the age of 17 . ( That was pretty neat ) another story for another time 🙂
  • 3. Spirituality is super important to me. More of the belief in a higher power, energies, more I guess what you would call ' New Earth spirituality' I'm part Inuit which maybe why I've always felt a strong pull towards becoming more grounded and a love for mother nature.
  • 4. Level 1 Reiki , Intro to Medium-ship course. Empath courses (Meditation 2-3 times weekly) This is something I don't talk about much, but #4 and #3 are what got me through some hard times in life and have definitely made me a stronger human being.
  • 5. Out-going introvert over here 🙂 At least that's what I like to call it. When i'm out I love to chat and interact with others. But that has a time limit. In order to recharge I need to be by myself or at home.
  • 6. I love to laugh. Laughter can get you through anything. I learnt that from my Momma. (she is one of the funniest people I know, next to my husband)
  • 7. Community Health Nurse, went casual a few years ago due to small diabetic foot care business and online business venture.
  • 8. Love techie gadgets, apps. I was also the girl who would rather something techie instead of girlie things for Christmas, birthdays etc. Still am.
  • 9. Personal development, podcasts, reading is life to me. (Guys there is so much free info out there to help you become a better human being.)
  • 10. Ok I ran out and I thought 10 would be a great number.... 

Hope that helps in getting to know me a little better.

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